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[JOYOUNG DJ06U-DS920SG] Soymilk Maker| 0.6L| Stainless Steel| Baby Food

[JOYOUNG DJ06U-DS920SG] Soymilk Maker| 0.6L| Stainless Steel| Baby Food


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JOYOUNG DJ06U-DS920SG Soymilk Maker| 0.6L| Stainless Steel| Baby Food


Material Stainless Steel
Blade material Stainless Steel


JOYOUNG DJ06U-DS920SG Soymilk Maker| 0.6L| Stainless Steel| Baby Food

  • One machine with multiple functions, soy milk, complementary food, porridge, thick soup, and jam can be easily done with one button
  • Surround heating, three-dimensional cooking, even heating without sticky bottom, rich taste
  • Fine raw grinding, stainless steel cutter head, more complete grinding, more comprehensive nutrient release
  • Double-layer cup body, inner steel and outer plastic, safe material, heat preservation and anti-scalding, safe to use
  • Food-grade stainless steel blade, safe material, safe to use
  • Easy washing function, one-button cleaning, more convenient cleaning
  • 0.6L small capacity, suitable for 1-2 people, delicious without wasting
  • 120V North American standard voltage, free shipping within the 48 states of the United States
  • Warm reminder: This product accessory does not contain a recipe. If necessary, please contact customer service to request an electronic version.
  • Note: There is a protective film attached to the panel of the soybean milk machine, which can be torn off during use, and the panel is more clear.
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Customer Reviews

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Y. S
A disappointing product

Sorry I really don’t enjoy this machine cause it is definitely not a filter-free soy milk maker. Additionally, the self cleaning feature doesn’t clean at all.