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ROBAM Cooktop 7G7H50- 30" Drop-in (5 Burners)

ROBAM Cooktop 7G7H50- 30" Drop-in (5 Burners)


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ROBAM Cooktop 7G7H50- 30" Drop-in (5 Burners)


  • Fiver burners to deliver combined BTU of 50,000 so you can explore different recipe from cheese fondue to stir-fried dishes.
  • High BTU power burner at 15,000 that gives you the culinary power with precise flames to make the perfect meal.
  • Full brass power burners that are highly resistant to heat.
  • Featuring a gas leak prevention technology to protect your family and home. If the gas stove’s flame extinguishes, our prevention technology will cut off the gas supply.
  • This cooktop comes with electronic ignition that automatically light burners.
  • Compatible with natural gas and liquid propane gas supply (conversion kit purchased separately).
  • Premium cast-iron grates to better retain heat while the continuous grate design let you cook without boundaries.
  • Sealed burner design to prevent spillovers and residues from getting inside the cooktop and damaged internal components.
  • Superior warranty protection: 1-year full warranty protection (parts and labor included), 5-year limited warranty protection (parts only), and lifetime warranty protection on burners.
  • Includes: cooktop, cast iron grate including wok grate, regulator, and installation hardware.


  • Size: 30"
  • Type: Drop-in
  • Fire Power (BTU): 15,000(1), 11,000(1),9,500(2),5000(1)
  • # of Burners: 5
  • Burner Type: Sealed
  • Fuel: Gas or Propane (Regulator Included)
  • Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Burner Materials: Aluminum, Brass(Power burner)
  • Control: Knob
  • Flame Type: Three Flame Outlet and Two Ring Groove Flame Holders
  • Air Inlet: Upper Air Inlet
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Safety: Automatic Flame-out Protection Device
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Product Dimensions: 29-15/16"x20-7/8"x4-3/16"
  • Cutout Dimensions: Min: 28" x 19-1/16" Max: 28-13/16" x 19-13/16"
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